Great Lakes Leadership Academy

Creating a Legacy of Leadership

The value of people working together is greater than the sum of what they can accomplish alone. When power is shared and diverse voices are heard, solutions are more likely to benefit the community as a whole. This is known as leadership for the common good, and it is the aim of the Great Lakes Leadership Academy.

In today’s constantly changing world, leaders cannot work in a vacuum. Virtually every major public problem spills beyond the boundaries of any one sector. How can we bring people together from diverse backgrounds and sectors to tackle complex public challenges when budgets are tight and residents are skeptical of government’s ability to solve problems?

Competing interests of environmental preservation, recreation, manufacturing, and food production create challenges for leadership at every level. These challenges call for new ways to connect our strong agricultural, forestry, and natural resource sectors with our extensive industrial and manufacturing experience, advancing a new, economy to sustain Michigan’s future. The need for enlightened leadership is critical. The Great Lakes Leadership Academy seeks to find people who are willing to step forward to collaborate with others and deal with complex issues.

The Great Lakes Leadership Academy is conducted by the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources and supported by gifts from organizations and contributors.
Michigan Department of Natural Resources, Director Keith Creagh shares about the GLLA Legacy:




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