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Christy Roman, Program Coordinator

''Christy Roman is the GLLA Program Coordinator. She has a Master’s degree from Michigan State University’s Higher Adult Lifelong Learning and Education Program. Christy is a graduate of the Great Lakes Leadership Academy’s, Leadership Advancement Program (2011-12) and has a graduate certificate in teaching and learning in postsecondary education from Michigan State Univerisity.

Christy worked with Conservation Districts in several different capacities for 15 years before joining the GLLA staff.  As an employee of Michigan Association of Conservation Districts, she served as the Director of Michigan Envirothon and later as the association’s Training Director.  Christy also was the Executive Director of Antrim Conservation District and also served as the President of Michigan Association of Conservation District Employees for five-years.

Prior to working with Conservation Districts, Christy worked in environmental education. She graduated from Olivet College with a BA in Recreation Management with a concentration in outdoor education.


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